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Important Things to Do After an Auto Accident

Oct 25

After the auto accident in Smithtown, NY, we know you might feel confused and overwhelmed about what to do next. Here are the essential things to do after an accident to protect your health and your rights and begin the path of getting compensation in Smithtown, NY.

  • Stay on the accident scene: Don’t free the accident scene, as this might result in criminal charges and civil cases against you. So, stay on the accident scene until you are certain everyone involved is safe and law enforcers have allowed you to leave Auto Accident Attorney Long Island.
  • Notify the authorities: Call 911 if there are injured victims or damage to the cars. Stay on the accident scene until the police allow you to leave.
  • Share information: If the accident involved another car, pull over and exchange license plate numbers, names, insurance company details and phone numbers.
  • Get medical attention: Get medical attention instantly for any accident-related injuries. Delaying to get medical care will make insurance firms and assessors question the state of your injury and the extent of harm.
  • File the report: Make sure you file a report with the relevant authorities. File the report of a motor vehicle accident within 10 days.
  • Get a case review: A case review with a team of experienced Auto Accident Lawyer Long Island is important. We will help you know your compensation options and make sure that your rights to get compensation are protected.

What You Need to Know About Reporting an Auto Accident in New York

In New York, the law mandates you to report an auto accident involving death or personal injury to the authorities. The driver of the vehicle that caused the injuries should report what transpired. If the accident involved only property damage, the driver should report if the damage surpasses $1k or if the other driver isn’t present on the scene Auto Accident Lawyer Long Island.

Drivers must file written accident reports within 10 days of the accident. A driver should report an auto accident immediately if they are physically able to.

Car Accidents are Common and Costly

We've seen the devastating consequences of auto accidents with many years of combined experience supporting personal injury victims Auto Accident Lawyer Long Island. These roads experience heavy traffic, and accidents have become common. Such cases lead to millions of cash in serious injuries, death, and property damage.

We understand that you might be facing significant costs after the accident. So, our experienced auto accident lawyers Long Island will help you get the compensation you deserve.

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